Working with groups

I don’t like group work. I admit it! (Don’t judge me. =) ) Anyway, I work with some people who are snobby. I could be wrong because you know I think I can be as well. It does not help to work with people so far outside of your field of research (not that far, but we are not that similar). I just wonder how can I get through this in one piece? I have no idea.



I’m Back…

So, I have been gone for a little while. I have an independent study course coming up in a few days and had a lot of preliminary things I had to do before I got started. In addition, I have a different summer course that I need to be in the right state of mind for and trust me, I am only slightly ready for this class. Anywho, I should be back doing things regularly if nothing else prohibits this.


Job Prospects while in Grad School

Geez, money problems, am I right?

I am waiting to find out if I got a position for my school. In interviewed months ago. Its been weeks and I got a reply that I would hear back this week and I have heard nothing. WHY? Having money in graduate school survive is vital to my existence. Let’s hope that I hear back at least by next week.



Crisis Averted and New One Created

So my issue with my school has been solved. I am gearing up for summer and all I have to do is figure out what class I am going to take. I feel as if I want to pull my hair out because of all the things I have to deal with before I even start. I will have a nice shade of white hair before I finish graduate school if all of the things I had to deal with recently keeps popping up. I also found out that my summer program is making me do a research project with a group of people on top of my own research that I have to endure? Gee, I suppose this is grad school right? one crisis over and another one begins. When will this madness end?


Comic Relief

So I find myself making situations I go through become even more ridiculous than I need them to be and sometimes I overlook things. So for that reason, I made the StickFigure Chronicles. This comic features some of the things that I go through and what I see happen around me. Right now I am fixing the kinks of my drawings, but as I get better at it more will come out. Look for additional comics every week.

StickFigure Chronicles


The Importance of a Blog

I created this blog in order to talk about my education journey, engage in conversations with those who view this blog and to create an online presence. We see in this now more than ever that the increase of connections are important. I am not just talking about connections for a job, but the connections you make with people online. There are so many ways a blog can go for someone and it is important to set yourself apart from other people.

Sure people these days are making blogs (yep I am included, but I am special, right?) left and right but it is something special about the way people can find a niche and make something of it; and something positive (hopefully funny too) that captures audiences. I will try my best to do this and hopefully you will do the same too.



Hello Out There!

Well…lets see…

My first post. Is anyone out there?

As I approach my summer session at my PhD program before I am in my first year classes, I wonder what my end game will be. Will I be a professor? How long will it take for me to finish? Will I deal with toxicity in classes and departments? Will I combust into fiery death flames because I have no idea what I am doing?

Who knows? But I will get my PhD. I do know that much.

Because this is my first post, I actually wonder if it is my last. I really do suck at continuous projects like these. I have had two other blogs that I have made and never did anything with. So lets get through this thing together shall we?